2017 South Pacific Region Contests

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Regional Final

 The Regional Final was held in Sydney on November 24th to 26th.


Divisional Contest

The Divisional Contest, sponsored for the first time by Jet Brains, was held on Saturday 14th October at 12 sites across the South Pacific Region.  Once again there were three divisions but only one problem set.


From the Chief Judge:

A huge congratulations to AbishforesT from UNSW who completed the problem set in just over 3 hours. Last year, the same team finished the competition in 3 hours and 19 minutes. This year, they shaved off 15 minutes by finishing in 3 hours and 4 minutes.
The teams advancing to the Regional Finals are determined by the rules as shown below. This year, there will be no wildcard positions given, so 12 teams will advance via Selection Steps I and II.
Congratulations to 'You Make Me Turing Complete' for placing first in the Eastern Division and 'Max Ward' (the team, not the person it is named after) for placing first in the Western Division.
Based on the scoreboard, the battle for the World Finals spots will be a fierce one at the Regional Finals. We look forward to seeing you there.
Darcy Best

Scoreboard | Problems


Teams advancing to the Regional Final are chosen in 2 steps.  The qualifying teams are:


Step 1 - the top 2 universities in each division.


Western Division


Max Ward  from  University of Western Australia
Monash Lambda  from  Monash University


Central Division

AbishforesT from University of New South Wales
coolBeansMyDude from University of Sydney


Eastern Division

You Make Me Turing Complete from University of Canterbury
Holly Haoli High from University of Auckland


Step 2 - the next 6 teams on the scoreboard with no more than 2 teams from any university. The qualifying teams are:


top kek from University of New South Wales

Loremipsum from University of Auckland

Monash Upsilon  from  Monash University


TryCatchUs from Massey University

Thuy's Team  from University of Sydney


Teamy McTeamFace from University of New South Wales