2017 Regional Final

The 2017 Regional Final was held at University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia on 24th to 26th November.

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Trophies were presented by Wise Tech and Malcolm Corney (right of pictures)

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Regional Contest Winners

Central Division Champions



University of New South Wales


Oliver Fisher

Ray Li

Coach Joshua Lau

Mohammad Huda


Regional Contest Second Place

top kek

University of New South Wales


Declan McDonnell

James OBrien

Clement Hok Wo Chiu

Coach Joshua Lau




Regional Contest Third Place

Western Division Champions

Max Ward

University of Western Australia


Ridge Shrubsall

Coach Max Ward

Nicholas OCallaghan

Alexander Thatcher



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Regional Contest Fourth Place

Eastern Division Champions


Holly Haoli High

University of Auckland


Coach Yu-Chen Tu

Jonathan Khoo

Sitao Zheng

Qingchuan Zhang



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