2013 Regional Contest

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The 2013 South Pacific Regional Contest was held on Saturday September 21st at 11 sites across Australia and New Zealand.

Scoreboard | Official Standings

The winning team was UNSW1 from University of New South Wales.  They will advance to the 2014 World Finals along with Trigraph from University of Waikato who finished 3rd.

Regional Contest Winners and Australian Champions



University of New South Wales

Coach Aleks Ignjatovic


Raveen de Silva

Casey Roberts

Steven Fan

New Zealand Champions


University of Waikato

Coach Bill Rogers


Matthew Law

Ryan Smith

Tom Levy

IBM Representative: Herman Leung


Regional Top 10

Team University
1 UNSW1 University of New South Wales 7 872
2 lg(k) University of New South Wales 6 633
3 Trigraph University of Waikato 6 1307
4 Team Ryba University of Sydney 5 640
5 stdout Victoria University of Wellington 5 898
6 potato++ University of New South Wales 4 517
7 UTSunami University of Technology, Sydney 4 589
8 UTasA University of Tasmania 4 591
9 <table> University of New South Wales 4 604
10 White guys can't JMP University of Auckland 4 643