2014 Eastern Divisional Contest

The Eastern Divisional Contest was held at Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargill, Suva and Wellington.  Suva in Fiji were hosting a site for the first time - welcome to the region. 

2014 Contests

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The teams qualifying for the Regional Final in Sydney were:

University of Waikato


Bill Rogers (coach)

Matthew Law

Tom Levy

Ryan Smith

IBM representative Mike Andrew



University of Canterbury


Close Encoders of the 3rd Kind


Richard Lobb (coach)

Brenton Milne

Anthony Bracegirdle

Cain Creswell-Miley



University of Auckland




Alec Henderson

Jinming He

Xuzong Chen

Michael Dinneen (coach)

IBM Representative Sukriti Khorana


University of Otago




David Eyers (coach)

Simon Finnie

Philip Hodder

Reuben Crimp