2018 South Pacific Region Contests

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Regional Final

The Regional Final was held in Sydney on November 23rd to 25th.

Divisonal Contest

The Divisional Contest was held on Saturday October 20th across the region from Perth in the west to Suva in the east.  The contests spanned 5 different time zones, made more complicated by daylight saving being applied in some areas but not in others!

Congratulations to all of the teams that have won a place in the Regional Finals.
They will be hosted by UNSW and sponsorship comes from the ICPC Foundation and WiseTech Global. Yeah!
The twelve teams were the best of Australian, New Zealand and Fijian universities. Who will represent the Region in Oporto, Portugal March 31 2019, at the World Finals?

Raewyn Boersen

Super Regional Contest Director

Scoreboard | Photo Gallery | Problem Set


Teams advancing to the Regional Final are chosen in 2 steps. 


Step 1 - the top 2 universities in each division. The qualifying teams are:


Western Division

O(1/n) from University of Melbourne

MaxWard from University of Western Australia


Central Division

FJCVTZS from University of New South Wales

excuseme from University of Sydney


Eastern Division

Messy University from University of Auckland

Monte Carlo Methodists from Massey University


Step 2 - the next 6 teams on the scoreboard with no more than 2 teams from any university. The qualifying teams are:


WhereIsAnand from University of Melbourne


stinkypete from University of Adelaide


numonash from Monash University


Semicolon from University of Wollongong


Code Benders from University of Technology Sydney


CSE++ from University of New South Wales