2018 Western Division

The Western Division contest was held in Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne and Perth

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Teams qualifying for the Regional Final are:

O(1/n) from University of Melbourne

Zijun Chen
Malcolm Karutz
Jin Han

(Coach Emir Demirovic)



MaxWard from University of Western Australia


Nicholas O'Callaghan
Alexander Thatcher
Theodore Vickery

(Coach Andrew Gozzard)


WhereIsAnand from University of Melbourne

Michelle Chen
Yong See Foo
Anand Bharadwaj

(Coach Emir Demirovic)




stinkypete from University of Adelaide


Hoang Vinh Dinh
Christo Pyromallis
Yuanjing Zhao


(Coach Mingyu Guo)


numonash from Monash University

Moss Ebeling
Jackson Goerner
Michael Cui

(Coach Shizhe Zhao)