Registration for a contest typically opens a month before the contest and closes just before the contest.

Please read the Regional Contest Rules and the Local Rules to make sure you are eligible to enter.

If you are a student and wish to compete in the contest, register then contact a coach at your institution. A team requires 3 members to compete in the contest. However, your coach may be able to put you in a team if you cannot find 2 other contestants yourself.

Individual Registration

Contestants and coaches may register at any time.

To register as a contestant, you must use the official ACM registration system (see Guide to general registration).  You should then contact a coach at your university who will put you in a team.

To register as a coach, you must use the same official ACM registration system (see Guide to general registration).  Once registered, and once team registration is open, you may then register teams from your university.

Team Registration

In 2018, registration of teams begins on September 29th. 

Teams register for the Divisional Contest from which they may qualify for the Regional Final.  A fee is payable.  Registration of teams must be done through a coach. The coach, normally a member of staff at a university or polytechnic, must register as described above. After completing registration, a coach may reserve places for teams at one of our sites in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji (see Guide to team registration). At some sites, secondary school teams will be able to compete in an unofficial contest. To compete, school teams must select a "School teams" site from the list. Where a site appears and there is no corresponding school site, it means that the site will not be accepting school teams (but do recheck from time to time in case more sites are added)..


  • After registering a team, a coach will be asked to confirm who will be responsible for paying their fees. Note also that teams are accepted when (a) they have 3 registered contestants, and (b) their coach has completed the invoice data form. Any coach who has registered a team but NOT received an email giving details of the invoice data requirements should contact the Regional Contest Manager.
  • Contestants are not considered registered until they have completed their own registration in the system. Each coach and contestant must complete their Personal Profile page. Even if you do this before the team is formed, you will probably receive an email asking you to complete your registration. Do not ignore this as the system will keep asking! Login and simply confirm your details.
  • This is NOT an internet programming contest.  To compete, all 3 team members must travel to their site on the day of the contest.