World Finals Results 2010

Report from Harbin

Western Australia are Regional Champions, Canterbury win the ICPC Challenge!

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The ACM Programming Contest World Finals were held from February 1st-6th in Harbin, China.  The event was held at the same time as the Harbin Ice Festival and teams were able to try their hand at snow sculpting as well as to visit the Snow Sculpture and Ice Festival parks.

This year 103 teams qualified for theWorld Finals from "22,000 contestants from 1,931 universities at 240 regional contests worldwide" (ACM).   The South Pacific Region was represented in the World Finals by The University of Western Australia, our regional contest winners who represented Australia, and University of Canterbury representing New Zealand.

Thanks to IBM, the event sponsors, who provide the accommodation, food and activities that make the World Finals such an experience for the teams, and to Harbin Engineering University, the hosts.

Regional Champions

Congratulations to The University of Western Australia, the South Pacific Regional Champions 2010.

Don Knuth's Lovechild Reunion

Solved 3 problems

Alexander Mathews
Peter Alexander
Evgeni Sergeev

Coaches: Luigi Barone (pictured) and Tim French

Seen here with Bill Poucher at the Awards Ceremony

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University of Canterbury

Winners of the ICPC Challenge event!

Team JET

Solved 3 problems

Joseph Scarr
Edwin Flores
Thomas Steinke

Coach: Richard Lobb (not in picture)

Seen here at the Awards Ceremony where they won the ICPC Challenge. Others in the picture are (left to right) David Sturgill (Director of the ICPC Challenge), Bill Poucher (ACM), Steve Bourne (ACM), BJ Chow and Tim deBoer (IBM).

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